Concerning this e-book edition

This HTML "e-book" edition of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church is based on the public domain text file “BCP10.txt..”  This e-book edition may be freely distributed.

The latest version of this e-book can be downloaded from the internet at:

The e-book's Table of Contents includes hyperlinks to all sections referenced in the Table of Contents (pages 5-7) of the printed edition, as well as sections listing hyperlinks to page numbers of the printed edition, the Psalms, Canticles, Litanies, Prefaces, and other Prayers. The text of the Prayer Book is also extensively cross-referenced with hyperlinks, including links to any reference to a page number in the printed edition, a Psalm, Canticle, or Preface. In cases where a traditional and contemporary version of the referenced prayer exists, text is added to offer hyperlinks to both versions.

Page numbers for the start of a page in the printed edition are inserted in this e-book edition between curly brackets (format “{p. 999}” using a dark yellow colored font. If the page break of the printed edition occurs between paragraphs, the “{p. 999}” lies on its own line; otherwise it lies inserted amidst the text.

Comments and directions in the printed edition are displayed as a small blue-colored font in this e-book edition.

Readings given in parallel columns in the printed edition are displayed sequentially in this e-book edition.

Tabular listings such as the Lectionary Year A and Year B (beginning on page 889 of the printed edition) are also displayed sequentially, with the column heading “Psalm” of the printed edition added to each entry of the e-book edition for clarity. The e-book edition abbreviates the names of the months in The Table to Find Movable Feasts and Holy Days (page 884 of the printed edition) in an attempt to fit the table in the limited width of the e-book page.

Because simultaneous display of facing pages was not feasible, for the sake of clarity, this e-book adds headings to the “Concerning the Service” sections (pages 36, 74, 108, 298, 412, 468, 490, 524, 536, 558, 566 in the printed edition) to place them in context; in the printed edition this context is evident from the adjacent page. In the printed edition, the Daily Office Lectionary (pages 936 to 994) displays the “Year One” readings and the “Year Two” readings on facing pages. In this e-book edition, all “Year One” readings are given first, followed then by the “Year Two” readings.

Optional readings denoted by a bar along the left margin of the page in the printed edition are bracketed by “[[“ and “]]” in this e-book edition.

Reports of errors in the text would be appreciated


David Monyak

Episcopal Church of St. John in the Wilderness, White Bear Lake, Minnesota, U.S.A.