Advent Calendar 2020

Patty Basko has shared an Advent Calendar for 2020 with creative ways to stay connected and give back to our community during these strange days of COVID.

As we enter the season of Advent, we are all still facing so many cancellations, changes, and chaos that life feels even more fragile.  All the more reason to embrace what we can of traditions with a new twist to hold the boat steady as we journey on together.  I personally love the season of Advent as we light candles in the darkness to remind us that the Light is with us.  In that spirit, here is a different way to try sharing something that may help us feel just a little more connected.  No worries if a wreath seems out of our skill set…four candles arranged on a table or counter works just fine! Feel free to add, subtract, or multiply the ideas as you and your family see fit…this is just about coming into the season with a little bit of time and togetherness so that we feel ready…December 25 is surely coming. Thanks be to God!

May His peace be with us all,

Patty Basko