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Spiritual Direction: FAQ

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is an intentional relationship through which one person assists another in attending to the presence and call of God in all aspects of life (Richard Foster). It is taking time out from our helter-skelter lives to notice where God is wooing us right in the midst of it all.

Spiritual direction has been a vital ministry within Christianity since its beginning; and it is for anyone yearning to deepen their relationship with God.

Whether you are looking for ways to grow closer to God, discerning a calling, or just someone to help you process living a faithful life, spiritual direction can help.

Seek the companionship of others who will befriend you and listen as you live the questions of your life.

Henri Nouwen, Spiritual Direction

How it Works

The nuts and bolts are that it consists of meeting for one hour, once a month in a private, comfortable setting. Spiritual Direction is non-directive, that is the “director” does not direct, that is the Spirit’s work, but listens. When appropriate, the director asks leading questions to help the explorer (directee) recognize God’s action in the midst of their daily life.

Spiritual Direction is completely confidential. The spiritual director will never reveal to another that they are a person’s SD. It is a prayerful conversation between two people who desire to explore God’s presence and activity in a way that is life-changing and renewing.

What Spiritual Direction is NOT

It is NOT therapy, nor does it seek to fix or correct a problem. Instead, it looks for how God is working and inviting the directee to build an intimate relationship with God in any and all circumstances.

Spiritual Direction is NOT counseling. It is a relationship with another person who is helping you listen for how the Holy Spirit is speaking into your life.

Opportunity at Christ Church Episcopal

  We are currently at capacity for spiritual direction clients at this time. We hope to open up more spaces in the spring. Please reach out via email or call the office for more information.

You can also get in touch with the office to schedule a meeting.