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The Triduum

Lent turns to Holy Week, the pinnacle of services is the Triduum. Maundy Thursday is a remembrance of the Last Supper. You can also watch the replay of Good Friday with Solemn Collects.

the stripped altar for Good Friday, second service of the Triduum

The Maundy Thursday meal was a delicious and thoughtful spread, with the noise of children, foot washing, and stripping the altars.

Washing hands on Maundy Thursday

Holy Week is a marathon for Episcopalians. Fr. Sadie led Christ Church in eight services over the course of seven days.

Celebration of Holy Eucharist at the Triduum
Gospel being read at the Triduum

Thank you so much to all who joined us in person and online. We would love to invite you to join us during the season of Easter. Services are at 10 am on Sundays, and there is always things happening during the week. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay in the know.

Foot washing on Maundy Thursday, first service of the Triduum

What fun it was to be joined by the Rev’d Charlie Knuth from All Saint’s in Whitefish, Canon Mikayla Dunfee, and Fr. Donnel O’Flynn of St. Patricks in Bigfork, and Rev. Scott Thompson of Bethlehem Lutheran for The Great Vigil of Easter.

You can watch a replay of the service (and see Fr. Charlie nearly singe his beard off.) It is nearly 2 hours of readings sermons, and performance pieces!

Great Vigil altar party, priests and acolytes. final Triduum service

While the Great Vigil concludes the Triduum, Easter Sunday is a joyful celebration of the Resurrection. You can watch the replay of that service as well.