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What’s the deal with Ordinary Time?

As you settle into a liturgical community you will find that there are new seasons throughout the year. Ordinary Time is one of the longest seasons in the church calendar.

Ordinary time can be understood in terms of the living out of Christian faith and the meaning of Christ’s resurrection in ordinary life. The term “ordinary time” is not used in the Prayer Book, but the season after Pentecost can be considered ordinary time. It may be referred to as the “green season,” because green is the usual liturgical color for this period of the church year. 

An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

After Pentecost Sunday, early in June Christ Church will begin marking the long season of ordinary time. Christ Church will be changing our weekly Eucharist schedule. Sunday service will be at 9 am, with three planned outdoor services throughout the summer, weather permitting. The vestments of the priest will contain the liturgical color of green.


There is much life and beauty to enjoy in the is season. From the growth in the fields and gardens, to the melting snow opening up the hiking trails in the mountains. The lakes in the Flathead Valley will be cold and clear, with rivers to float that are fast and lazy.

Camp Marshall will host young people and families together for faith building and fun on the shores of Flathead Lake. Remember to pray for the people who will be attending and working at camp. Pray that it may be a fruitful and safe time for all.

Worship in Ordinary Time

Living out your faith in ordinary ways is worship. Worshiping God can happen in the faithfulness of daily habits. Worship can look like exploring the great outdoors, and in gathering with other believers in the walls of church buildings. May you be blessed with joy and peace as you seek the goodness of God in this ordinary season.

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